Posted by Pastor Mike

7  Things A Dying Church Does

  1. Regular attempts to minister in the community are not made, or are met with resistance from the members
  2. There is no focus within the church for regular Bible reading; therefore the people place little value on God’s Holy Word
  3. Because members are more worried about personal preferences, than the leading of the Holy Spirit, their complaining and criticism leads to a lack of joy and unity
  4. The church’s past, tradition, and denomination, becomes its idol; and Christ is no longer the main focus
  5. The current culture in the community is seen as an enemy instead of an opportunity; and hearts become hardened to God’s will
  6. The church fails to accurately teach the whole counsel of God’s will; and the people are left with an unbiblical view of the Lord
  7. Individual members spend little to no time in personal devotion and meaningful prayer; and though they have a form of godliness, they miss out on the power of a personal relationship with Christ Himself

7  Things A Living Church Does

  1. Opportunities for outreach are promoted regularly; and members eagerly volunteer
  2. The Word of God is presented in the congregation as living, powerful, and life changing for each person
  3. The members are encouraged to esteem and love each other as Christ loves them; knowing that they have a personal responsibility to maintain the unity of the Spirit within the bond of peace
  4. The church prays for humility in evaluating its activities, and programs, and how it conducts its services; to see if Christ is truly at the center of all that is being done
  5. The church prays for wisdom and discernment on how best to minister and meet the needs of those around them
  6. The leadership promotes a complete picture of God; a God that not only judges, disciplines, and has expectations, but a God that is loving, kind, merciful, and longsuffering
  7. The members have learned the value of Bible study and prayer within the home; and seek to make personal application of those biblical truths as they walk with the Lord