Pastor Mike’s Welcome

Pulpit Ponderings
ava at altar

Sitting with a young girl who just wanted to express how grateful she was to Jesus. I am blessed to pastor Liberty Church.

We are so blessed in the community of Portland, TN to be surrounded by so many wonderful churches; and we are just thrilled to have a part in God’s Kingdom work here at Liberty Church. I am very thankful that you are showing an interest in this ministry; and as you seek God’s guidance for where you can best serve and support, I pray that the Lord will lead you to Liberty. As we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ together, we will make greater strides into the lives of the lost; and in doing so,¬†our lives will become richer in the faith. Liberty is a church that welcomes all through compassion, love, truth, and grace; just as Jesus reached out to us.

May God bless you; and remember, God loves YOU greatly!

Reverend Mike Callis


Twitter: @PastorMCallis